Wednesday, April 24

Virat Kohli feels It will be strange to have no hi-fives or handshakes in the post-coronavirus wworl

Mohammad Amir of Pakistan shakes hands with Virat Kohli. Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

Amid COVID-19 outbreak, the sporting industry has been hit with a major blow and every cricketing activity has been affected. Its been more than two months that any international match took place in any part of the world. However, now things are improving a bit with each passing day. And, fans can soon expect the cricketing action to resume.

However, things will not be the same anymore. ICC has issued strict guidelines for the players that will come into play after players will take on the field in the post-coronavirus world. They have strictly mentioned that cricketers should avoid any kind of physical contact during practice sessions and games.

Now, Virat Kohli has come out with his opinion on how strange it is going to be when players on the field would not be able to shake hands or give hi-fives during the practice.

The apex cricket council have strictly asked players not to use dressing rooms during or after the practice. Moreover, they also want the players to acquire a “game ready” approach once the game is back. According to that, every individual, from coach to cricketer, will have to come wearing a kit. Also, the equipment used should be well sanitised before and after the sessions.

Players will have to adjust with the changes: Virat Kohli

In a freewheeling session with Ravichandran Ashwin, the Indian skipper said that changes are a part of life and players will have to adjust accordingly. Kohli also added that some things will be strange once the sport resumes, “We all find it strange(the changes), with all things in life, it won’t be that difficult to make a part of our lives,” Kohli said during the Instagram live session.

Virat Kohli feels that he still can’t imagine that the players won’t be able to shake hands even while meeting after a long period of time. According to the current Indian skipper, the practice sessions will also be quite different for everyone.

“Game changing a lot? Man I do not know what is going to happen, it is so strange thinking even of practice sessions like instinctively you want to clap/hi-five, but you cannot do that, you will meet people after a long time, and you would have to fold hands and stay away.”

“I know it sounds strange, it might be a permanent feature until there is some sort of cure or vaccine that comes out, we will need to make that a part of our routine,” he added.

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