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Virat Kohli or Steve Smith? Brett Lee picks the best batsman of the century


The comparisons between players in cricket is not a strange thing. Be it greatest batsmen or the finest bowlers; every individual has to go through with verdicts made by experts and fans. The most famous and exciting comparison it drew between Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara. Both were legends and geniuses in their era’s, still, they had to go through the assessments.

The similar pattern continues in modern-day cricket as well, and two players who are always on the radar are Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. The duo has been compared with each other so many times. Some believe Kohli is the master, while some say Smith is the top-class batsman.

Latest to drop opinion on the red hot topic is former Australia pacer Brett Lee. While speaking to cricket commentator Pommie Mbangwa during an Instagram LIVE session, Lee was asked to pick the better batsmen between Kohli and Smith.

Responding to the question, Lee said that it is tough as both are different players. He stated that even if he sees them as a bowler, there are not many flaws in the both the batsmen.

“It is so hard to pick mate because there are a lot of qualities in both that I enjoy. From the bowling point, I am trying to look are there any flaws in both batsmen, but they are minimal,” said Lee.

Speaking about Kohli, Lee opined that Kohli is a typical classy player who plays from the V. The former Aussie pacer also appreciated Kohli for improving his gameplay over the years. Lee stated that in the early days, Kohli had the tendency of touching the balls outside the off-stump, but it has been improved.

“They are two different players. Kohli is technically sound, he hits through the V, he used to knick off earlier in his career, but he has tightened up the area outside the off stump, doesn’t knick off as much now. He is disciplined and super fit—a great leader of his side. I think Kohli would love to win an IPL title,” he added.

For Smith, Lee reckoned that he is a flashy player and the Sydney-born has seen quite a lot in the last 12 months. Lee added that Smith has a unique approach to batting which helps him to come into the rhythm.

“Steven Smith, obviously what he has been through in the last couple of years, he has seen a rise with the way he played in the last 12 months. He is also a different batsman. He is very flamboyant, does 22 touches before he faces up. He is so fidgety, sometimes you are like ” just relax mate, but that’s what get him in the mood,” the 43-year-old added further.

Coming back to choosing the best between Kohli and Smith, Lee went with his countryman and articulated that what Smith has gone through in the past is something he rates high. Lee said that Smith could have been as good as the great Sir Don Bradman.

“At the moment, I would pick Smith over Kohli because of what he has been through and what he has to overcome. I might go with Kohli tomorrow as it depends on the mood. They are two great players and hard to split. I think Smith can be as good as Don Bradman, there have been talks of him becoming just like Bradman looking at the numbers,” concluded Lee.

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