Monday, June 5

Virat Kohli’s dinosaur walk goes viral;


Team India captain Virat Kohli”s ‘dinosaur walk’ is now a meme template. A video of Kohli walking and making sounds like a dinosaur was recently shared by his actress wife Anushka Sharma on Twitter.

“I spotted a dinosaur on the loose,” Anushka captioned the video.

Now, the creative minds of netizens have turned Kohli”s ‘dinosaur walk’ into a reference for hilarious memes. However, before knowing what they conjured up, take a look at the video, which is making people laugh out loud.

I spotted …. A Dinosaur on the loose, 🦖 🦖 🦖 🤪 🤪 🤪

— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) May 20, 2020

Here are some of the memes the couple inspired on social media:

— Bahadur 2.0 (@my2bit) May 20, 2020

Viratosaurus Rex

— Yash Saboo (@YashSaboo7) May 21, 2020

Yuzi Chahal, after seeing Virat Kohli getting trolled for his dinosaur walk:

— Ayush Singh (@Dankster_xd) May 22, 2020

Pollution is so less nowadays that we can see Dinosaurs wandering in Delhi houses 🦖#Kohli

— fcbsagarrrr• (@sagarssshinde) May 20, 2020

Dinosaur Kohli made it to Hollywood 💁🏽♂️

— Admiral General Aladeen (@protagonistsimp) May 20, 2020

Perfect wall clock @imVkohli #viramee

— Kumar Gourav (@AdyeM) May 21, 2020

It’s magic it’s magic ft. @imVkohli 😂🙏🏿

— Tweeting Quarantino ➐ (@rohitadhikari92) May 20, 2020

First teaser of #JurassicWorld 😜🙏@AnushkaSharma @imVkohli

— ਸ਼ੇਖ ਪਿਉਦੇਂਦਰਾ ਬਿਨ ਪਾਈ 🐬 (@Psychh_Fam) May 20, 2020

— Pranav Will know (@pranavsapra) May 20, 2020


— 𝒮𝒾𝒹 ♔ (@stepbaap) May 20, 2020

When Virat”s internet goes down…….

— Adam Dhoni (@AdamDhoni1) May 24, 2020

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