Monday, March 4

WATCH – “Haters will say it’s fake”: Shreyas Iyer uploads a unique batting practice video


The Indian cricket fraternity has shown their creative side during the nationwide lockdown enforced to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, middle-order batsman Shreyas Iyer posted a video showing off his ‘magic’ skills on his official Twitter handle.

Iyer was seen batting at home with a tennis ball, and as soon as he hit the ball, it went to his dog, few family members, hit the ceiling fan and the furniture to finally land into a glass.

“Haters will say it is fake…This is magic, or this is real?” the Mumbaikar was heard saying in the video.

“Batting practice done right,” he captioned his back

Batting practice done right 🎯

— Shreyas Iyer (@ShreyasIyer15) May 30, 2020

Last month, Iyer had said he is eager for cricket to return and that he is keen to get back on the field and win matches for India. Iyer, who finally seems to have become India’s solution to the No. 4 problem in limited-over cricket, endorses the idea of the game restarting, even if that means the sport is played inside closed doors, for starters.

“I would be very keen to go out and play because that is what I am waiting for. You do release that cricket is a religion in this country and if we go out and play and it is there for people to view on television, it will be a huge positive as things will start moving towards normal and people will also be entertained,” Iyer had told IANS.

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