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WATCH: This Reddit user captured a wholesome moment on PUBG PC


PUBG is a brutal game, and its basically in the name of the game itself. It is a battle royale where rules of the jungle are applied. It’s survival of the fittest and that’s how players behave in the game when they come across opponents. But it seems like there is some respite to that as well, though on rare occasions. And one of those moments were caught by Reddit user EightInchesAround in a video.

The video shows the user and his teammate who I have calls Pickle, and roll over to an enemy squad who they were fighting moments before. What transpires is that the two squads start speaking with each other and it turns into a friendly banter. The two teams part ways after a friendly chat and they happen to meet up again in a different match altogether. This time around the two teams are the last to survive. And they decide to slug it out with punches. Our hosts end up on the losing the match but they were still cheerful in defeat.

Another recent video showed how the properties of a vehicle was transferred to a player in the game. The video was shared on Reddit by user Isiloki and is titled “PUBG vehicle’s physic, but applied to a player. We didn’t know how I died, so we went and checked the replay…we had a good laugh.” It shows how their squad has a player taken down and their vehicle hits a tree. The other three players disembark and engage the enemies.

New PUBG update 7.2 recently went live on the test server. This update is the first one to arrive after the Vikendi map reword hit with update 7.1. This is massive update with a lot of changes in it, and the primary ones include Ranked Mode, addition of bots to the game, and weapon and armor balance sheets.

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With this new update, bots are officially on the PC version of PUBG as well. PC was the last version of the game that didn’t feature bot opponents. Players wanted the devs to add a ranked mode to the game which is also finally happening with this update.