Friday, March 1

West Indies team banned training after violating quarantine protocol in New Zealand

West Indies. (Photo with Tharaka Basnayaka / Nurphoto with Getty Images)

West Indies and New zealand The T20I series, scheduled to begin on November 27, is scheduled to go against each other. After this there will be a test series and all the action will be on Kiwi soil. The Caribbean team has already landed in foreign lands, to begin with its mandatory quarantine period. In the latest turn of events, some West Indian players have violated certain rules and rules of quarantine.

According to reports from the authorities, they will not be allowed to train in managed isolation in New Zealand after being caught violating the code of conduct in New Zealand. Security footage from the hotel in Christchurch revealed the players “having a meal and sharing”. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has shared the latest information about the players with the news agency in a statement.

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said the team was exempted from the 14-day quarantine rules, which apply to members of the public due to being a sporting sport. He said, “It is a privilege for me to come here, but in return they will have to stick to the rules. to keep COVID-19 Protecting our employees and our communities depends on it. They did not do so, despite agreeing to follow the exemption criteria, ”Dr. Bloomfield quoted The Telegraph as saying.

West Indies team under 12 days separation

The squad which is currently under a 12-day isolation period is to be re-tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday. If there is a concern regarding their health, their quarantine period may be extended. The ministry also said they were in the process of “discussing the next steps” with the New Zealand cricket team as they would flag off their tournament in Auckland on 27 November.

The COVID-19 measures and guidelines are being dealt with seriously by the authorities of all countries. Every cricketing action in COVID’s post is conducted under strict protocols set by the ICC. If there is any violation of the rules, the officials are also strict with the players. The recently concluded IPL 2020 also took place inside the bio-safe bubble in the UAE.