Thursday, June 8

What does STUMPS mean in Test Cricket ?


If you are watching test Cricket for the First Time in your life, you must be thinking why does umpire says Stumps after each day of the Test Match.

Test Cricket is the form of the sport of cricket with the longest match duration i.e 5 Days.

End of the day’s play in Test Match is STUMPS :

At the end of the day’s play the umpire signals by drawing the stumps and it is basically known as the “draw of stumps”. This term has been shortened to just “stumps”.

After each day’s play in a test match umpire removes the bails & calls Stumps for the day.

In basic words Umpire calling stumps simply means that the play is over for the day and now the game will resume on the next day.

But what makes people confused about the term Stumps is that the Wickets used in the game of Cricket are also called Stumps.