Friday, May 27

What is Google Cloud Databricks, benefits, function and Pricing


Databricks is an open source software company created in year 2013 and raised upto 13.9 million dollars in its initial funding that year. It was created by founders of Apache Spark creators. Databricks software is used for processing, exploring, transforming huge amounts of data through machine learning or Artificial intelligence models. Currently it is serving as one of the biggest data tools for many prestigious and world renowned companies like Microsoft. Recently it added Azure to its platform.

Today it has more than five thousand companies and organizations on its platform using their software for the processing and exploring the data. These companies include Microsoft, Google, HBO, Comcast. CVS health, T-Mobile, HSBC, Shell and Regeneron.

Databricks software gives users access to massive scale engineering of data, full-lifecycle Machine learning, Analytics of data for business and collaborative data science with data engineering.

Google announced their collaboration and partnership with Databricks in year 2021. It is a jointly developed service that allows the Google cloud users and clients to use databricks on their platform. The service allows their users and clients to store all of their data on very simply. Open lakehouse platform which then combines that data to data warehouses and data lakes to unite all of their automatically generated analysis and Artificial intelligence workloads. The jointly served integration of the Google cloud products like BigQuery, Virtual Machines, Application Deployment, Servers, Storage and Google Cloud Artificial intelligence enables their users and clients to work seamlessly across the Google Artificial Intelligence services on the Google Cloud platform parallel to Databricks.

If you are looking for How it will be beneficial for your business. Here are some of the key benefits you’ll get while using Databricks on the Google cloud platform.
The key points are:

Users of Google Cloud platform can Apply advanced data analytics to their data for automated Machine Learning and the processing of the graphs at a very massive scale in a short period of time.

Users can harness the powers of databricks and the Google cloud platform together for deep learning of unstructured data for Artificial Intelligence, natural Language processing, Automatic Translation, image interpretation and many more.

It also makes your data warehouses more simple, easily scalable, Understandable, and fast for processing.
The Google Cloud Platform for Databricks easily and most actively detects any sign of malware, attack, vulnerability and Threats for you data with data science and Artificial intelligence.

It also has great capability to efficiently analyze Time Series IoT data and high-Velocity sensors for your data in real time.
Alongwith this it also makes your GDPR data subjects and requests to execute easily. That means less worrying and time saving.

Databricks have support for many languages – Databricks have many languages. Scala is the main working language that comes with it but you can also work with Python, SQL, JAVA and R.

Integration with Microsoft – With Databricks on the Google Cloud platform you can easily use Microsoft stack to transfer your data and work with that.

Pricing of Google Cloud Databricks:

Databricks pricing can vary on what platform you are using and if you are using on the google, there may be additional cost or changes. Please check before payment. Here is the typical cost for databricks. Databricks also provides you with a free trial to test them as per your need before you purchase wholly for your business and need.

Data Engineering Light – Its cost you exact 0.07 United State Dollar per DBU
Data Engineering – It cost you exact 0.015 United State Dollar per DBU
Data Analytics – it cost you upto a price of 0.45 United State Dollar per DBU