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What Is IDBI Cricket Credit Card?


What is IDBI cricket Credit Card? How did you get? – Friends, in this article we will provide information about IDBI Royale signed with a credit card. In this article we will tell you how to get a home loan of 500,000 euros. Friend, if you also know something about IDBI Royale credit card and want to get this credit card, then make sure to read this article till the end.

Friends, many of you will go shopping or see a movie once or twice a week. Online shopping, watching movies or buying products from EMI have become a part of our daily life. Many people use hard money for this purpose. If you want, you can take your own IDBI Royale credit card. This credit card offers many advantages. Here you will be given a limit of 50,000 to 500,000 to help you manage your daily expenses easily.

Advantages of IDBI Royale credit card

The IDBI Royale credit card offers many advantages that make people use this credit card more often. If you take this credit card, you will get all the benefits listed below.

With this credit card you get a lot of cash while shopping.

When you shop with this credit card, you get a product with a very low EMI.

This credit card gives you a maximum limit of 500,000, which you can further increase later.

You can get this credit card only with the help of your cell phone.

You get this credit card without any connection fees and without any guarantees.

With this credit card, you initially receive an interest-free loan for 48 days.

You can use this credit card in every corner of India.

This credit card is accepted on more than 8,000 websites.

IDBI Royale Credit Card Terms

If you wish to get an IDBI Royale credit card, you must meet all the requirements listed below.

Candidate must be over 21 years old and under 60 years old

The applicant must have a good income.

Your CIBIL score must be 850

You must not have a borrowing history and the bank statement must be clear.

This credit card can only be applied by residents of India.

Documents required to get a credit card signed with IDBI Royale

When applying for an IDBI Royale credit card, you will need several documents. You must complete all the documents listed below.

Adhar . Map
pot card
account statement
driving license
Income Tax Return
salary slip

Credit card interest rate signed with IDBI Royale

The IDBI Royale Signature credit card interest rate is as follows.

With this credit card, you don’t have to pay any annual fees, connection fees, or renewal fees.

You must pay an interest rate of at least 2.5% per month and approximately 37% per annum.

If you want to change or withdraw this card, you have to pay 200 rupees.

If you take this card, you will be charged 100 every 3 months

You have to pay an additional 18% GST for each purchase.

How do I get an IDBI Royale credit card?

Come on guys, now I will tell you how is the process to get IDBI Royale signed by credit card. You can get this credit card using one of the following methods.

Visit the branch

If there is an IDBI Bank branch near you, you can go to that branch with your documents and ask the Royal Signature credit card manager. The bank will provide you with a form, fill in all the information requested in this form and submit the documents. Your documents will then be checked and the CIBIL results checked. In the end, if you qualify, you will get your credit card in no time.

Helpline number

You can call and talk to the IDBI hotline to get a credit card. Your application will then be picked up and sent to a Bank IDBI representative at your doorstep. There you will receive this credit card after your documents are shown.



Friend, today in this article we will discuss about the IDBI Royale credit card. Have we told you what IDBI Royale Signature credit card is? how to get it What are the benefits? I hope you enjoy this information. Friends, if you liked this information, keep on sharing. If you want to know about similar and current topics and stay up to date, then you should read our articles every day.