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‘Mumbai Gone’, England Cricketer Jofra Archer’s Old Tweet Goes Viral As Mumbai Experiences Cyclone


India is right now going through a tragic phase in the Covid19 pandemic. Every day, death tolls have gone up and there’s no decrease in the +ve cases of COVID-19.

Among every other place in the country, The State Maharashtra has been affected to a large extent. Nearly 75,000 cases have been registered there with 2,587 deaths. However, the City of hopes Mumbai have also suffered a lot in the current phase.

In fact, Mumbai and Pune account for 70 per cent of Maharashtra’s cases. To be more precise, 20 per cent of India’s cases are from Mumbai. However, despite the hammering, the daily tests are being frozen at 4,000.

In the meantime, Mumbai has been filled with more misery. As if the ungodly virus wasn’t enough, the Nisarga Cyclone has wreaked quite a bit of havoc there.

A couple of weeks ago, it was Amphan that destroyed Odisha and West Bengal, and now it’s the turn of Nisarga.

The cyclonic storm, which came at a speed of 90-100 kmph inflicted a lot of mayhem.

Heavy rains have been lashing the city over the last couple of days. However, the positive aspect is that the situation has been taken under control, something relieving for the people there.

Jofra Archer again into the limelight

In the meantime, Jofra Archer, the England fast bowler, again came into the limelight. This time, his tweet, surrounding the difficulties of Mumbai have come to the fore. Over the last 12 months or so, a number of his tweets have had eerie co-incidences with current occurring and it wasn’t any different this time around. “Mumbai Gone”, his tweet from September 16 2014, read

Here is Archer’s tweet

Mumbai gone

— Jofra Archer (@JofraArcher) September 16, 2014

Apart his tweets, Jofra has also managed to grab the eyeballs on the cricket field. He made his debut in the home series against Pakistan last year after being fast-tracked into the Three Lions’ team. Then he played in the 2019 World Cup where he also bowled the Super Over in the Final.

Then it was James Anderson’s injury that led him into the Test team. In his very first game at the Lord’s, he smashed Steve Smith on the helmet due to which the latter suffered a concussion.

He was also one of England’s leading wicket-takers in the Ashes, which was retained by Australia.

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